So I thought I was finished with the Shea moisture collection until this collection like 10 minutes ago on YouTube lol. I just had to update you guys!  There isn’t many reviews yet but I will link a really good one I watched below. She covers all the products expect for one I think.

So this brand new line is the Shea moisture fruit fusion coconut water. Aimed for fine, thin hair and its safe for colour treated hair. It’s not available yet in the UK (boooo- noo) but for my US peeps it’s available in ulta and currently they have a buy 1 get one 50% (Look at me lool like I have ever been to an ulta before lool).  It aims to nourish and energize lifeless hair, block humidity, control frizz and add shine.

Full collection

  1. Fruit fusion coconut water weightless shampoo
  2. Fruit fusion coconut water weightless styling mousse
  3. Fruit fusion coconut water weightless texture spray
  4.  Fruit fusion coconut water weightless creme rinse
  5. Fruit fusion coconut water weightless hair masque

Main ingredients are

  1. Fruit fusion blend of dragon fruit, lychee berry and green apple infused with coconut water to boost lifeless hair
  2. 100% pure coconut water hydrates and nourishes hair with vitamins and minerals
  3. Imbe oil- vitamin rich that locks in moisture and protects hair weightlessly.

So lets’ check out some reviews/ what people are saying




This is a brand new collection and I can’t find it on their site yet :(. US please let us know how this product is doing so far! I would love to hear from you. Now I can go to bed lool.

Speak you to later, have a blessed week!

Love Sarah