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Hope everyone’s enjoyed their summer and is looking forward to the start of this academic year (LOL). I quickly want to share my new hair colour and a product review for the Garnier Olia permanent hair dye.

So with the cold season approaching (although it’s still quite warm in Spain), I wanted to go back to basics: darker and straight long locks. I have had my curly ombre hair for as long as I could remember and quite frankly I was getting bored of it. So after looking around, I decided to try out the new colour sensation which is the Olia brand from Garnier. Olia is supposed to be the first home hair colouring kit that contains at least 60% oils and no ammonia with perfect grey coverage and vivid colour.

Although, I havenot tried any of Garner’s hair colouring products before, I do swear by their face washes and face wipes so I wasn’t at all sceptical about it.

I purchased two boxes of the shade ebony black (1.0) ( I should say if you have short to medium length hair, 1 box should be enough, as I had long thick hair 2 was enough to do the trick, bear in mind the product is quite pricey. I was lucky enough to get an offer of buy one get one half price. In Spain, a box retails at €8.95). So as normal I followed the instructions, divided the hair into two parts and used a box on each side, left on for 30 minutes.  During the colouring process, I noticed that the dye has a pleasant smell, was easy to apply and left my hair feeling soft. Also the gloves in this box are so cool! You know usually these box dyes come with clear plastic gloves which are always too big? (Like really, you know no one’s hand are that big?) This one came with black medium sized gloves and I love it so much I kept one pack of gloves (Lol).  Sorry there aren’t enough pictures, I totally forgot I saw supposed to post this.

image[7] image[6] image[5] image[4]


Results- I should say, it takes a couple of washes to get the water running clear again but I love how my hair turned out! I love the colour! It’s so dark and because I havenot had black hair for a while, I feel really sexy with it lol. Also I decided to keep my hair straight so I’m rocking a whole new look for now!

image[8] image[11] image[14]


So I would totally recommend this brand and product if you want to try out a new hair colour. There is quite a good range of colours provided; the only problem you may face is choosing your shade! I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, have a happy hair day always

Check out Garnier Olia and their other products at http://www.garnier.co.uk/_en/_gb/olia/index.aspx#what_is_olia

Check out my ombre colour and what products I used http://wp.me/p1uQOd-e1

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