Hey dolls, hope everyone is doing good enjoying the sunshine so far. So as the title suggests this post is going to be a review on the hair I purchased from virtue glamour a couple months back, and I will be talking about the pros and cons of this hair and the main points you would think about before buying any kind of virgin hair so this would be

Shedding and tangling


Colour change when washed

How is holds a curl

Then I will finish with some products I have used on this hair and what I recommend. Ok so let’s get started!

General rule for virgin hair- whether straight or curly, it should ALWAYS return to a natural wave after washing (if it doesn’t you want to think twice about ordering from the same vendor again)

So the hair I bought was the Peruvian deep waves in 22,20,18,12 and a 12 closure. I first got the 3 long bundles in an offer at the time and later bought the 12 and closure. Total price was £250 or £272 I don’t remember. here are some pictures






freestyling closure

freestyling closure

Shedding- when I first got the hair I co-washed it and this was all the shedding from the 3 bundles not bad. The water did not change colour much.

hair from all 3 bundles and a closure when washed

hair from all 3 bundles and a closure when washed


I made my wig aka the diva lol, with the 3 bundles and the closure and decided I wanted thicker hair so I bought the 12 inch bundle. Initially there were a few problems; I got sent a bundle with a tighter curl pattern so after I sent her a picture of it side by side with the other bundles ingot sent a different one. Obviously this meant I got to wait a long time for it but it was okay

Tangling- no tangles. But obviously with longer lengths we know about the “speed bumps” we get around the nape area. I usually get that when there is product build up on the hair so I kind of use that as an indication of when to wash the hair.

Curl holding- one thing I love about this hair( like I don’t love everything about it) is how it holds a curl. I prefer the hair after 3 days of curling it though because its less curly, more waves and just free flowing. But with that said, even when it’s freshly curled the hair has great body and movement. I love it. I use the Remington pearl curling wand ( amazing tool if you’re wondering what curling wand to invest in this is the one for you!)

The hair has no chemical smell to it so that’s always a bonus. It has a pleasant scent to it for me but its nothing too obvious or strong or in your face lol

diva in action. final result of the wig

diva in action. final result of the wig


Products I recommend and use

I co- wash this hair every week and shampoo every other week. Deep condition weekly by saturating the hair with conditioner and microwaving(yes) for a minute and half. This makes the hair silky soft and smooth. Also reduces those speed bumps I was talking about either.

I use the herbal essence hello hydration shampoo and conditioner

Elasta qp soy oil protein deep conditioner

Tresemme moisture richer conditioner

Pure coconut oil

Beautiful textures leave in conditioner

Giovanni leave in conditioner

Garnier fructics hair spray( extreme hold)

Mazuri argan oil hair spray

On my edges to lay it flat I use ecostyler argan oil gel and Olive oil edge control.

People always ask me how I get the closure laying so flat and natural. I just sew an elastic band from ear to ear in the nape area. like so





That’s all folks any questions just ask. I will leave the Instagram and contact number of the lady I purchased it from if you want to make an order. You can also find her on face book- virtue glamour hair

instagram- @virtueglamor

number-UK 07940515384

follow me on instagram- @slimtings